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CROMA is a consultancy company, specialized in European Regulatory Affairs.

Croma was founded in October 2005, by Venia Allamani and Athina Moissidou.

Today and for the past 13 years, Croma is your expert Regulatory Affairs Partner in Greece and Cyprus, providing you with more than 25 years professional experience in Regulatory Affairs and Market Access issues.

Having long and extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs and Market Access issues, having worked in leading positions in big multinational pharmaceutical companies (such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, Sandoz), CROMA , was created with the goal to provide to its clients the best support in driving Fast, Safely and Effectively their products into the Greek Market.

We strongly believe in the strategic importance of Regulatory Affairs for the success of the Pharmaceutical Business in the demanding and constantly changing health environment both in European and local level.

Market Access is the critical success factor that comes as a result of a long chain of approval procedures that have to take place before launching your products in the Greek Market.

If you need a partner in Greece for the successful implementation of your strategies regarding the Access of your products into the Greek Market, CROMA can offer personalized and tailor made services to address your needs, working closely with you and being dedicated to your company.


Croma during the 13 years of its operation, established long term collaborations with a wide range of companies (such us local and multinational pharmaceutical companies, other contract research organizations, companies specialized in the production and commercialization of food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices) being acknowledged as a reliable and highly professional local partner by taking care of the effective execution of their projects in Greece and Cyprus.

Through these years we expanded our expertise in other areas, such as food supplement notifications and cosmetics notifications. Especially in the area of food supplements notifications, where the EU legislation is not fully harmonized though the EU countries and national rules apply to the “grey area” products due to their composition, we gained our expertise by evaluating and submitting notifications of about 100 different products during the last 11 years.


Our team work We are working all together as a team, meaning that all of us are well informed on ongoing projects and are involved when needed in a specific project. Each RA manager/officer is responsible for specific clients handling their projects on priority to ensure their timely execution. By working as a team there is always a back up person who could immediately be involved in a project.

Board of Directors (Founders)

Athina Moissidou, studied Molecular Biology at the University of Lund in Sweden and then did her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at the same University. She has been working in Regulatory Affairs since 1993. For 14 years she was working as Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department in AstraZeneca. From this position she has been actively involved in the Greek Association of Pharmaceutical Companies working in several committees such as Regulatory, Pricing and Reimbursement Committee. Through all these years she has established and maintains excellent relations with personnel in the Greek Health Authorities and Key people with the Greek Health Environment. 

Venia Allamani studied Chemistry at the University of Athens and she got a Master’s Decree in Quality Assurance – Food Technology at the University of Reading in UK. She start working in the pharmaceutical industry in 1993, always as Regulatory Affairs Manager (2 years in Sandoz, 5 years in Bayer and 5 years in AstraZeneca). Venia has established and maintains excellent relations with personnel in the Greek Health Authorities.

Croma Regulatory Affairs professionals

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 25 Zoodochou 25, 151 27 Melissia


 Evgenia Allamani – Ethnikis Antistaseos 65, 152 31 Chalandri

Athina Moissidou – Florinis 52, 152 35 Vrilissia

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Quality Policy

It is the Policy of CROMA PC to achieve and maintain the highest Quality performance in meeting our Clients’ needs and expectations. Highest Quality performance implies that the services and solutions that we provide our Clients are in accordance with:

  • their requirements and our contractual obligations,
  • all applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • the highest ethical values and standards that we have adopted, and
  • strict principles of confidentiality that govern the information that we are entrusted.

Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following principles:

  • building a mutually profitable relationship with our Clients that contributes to their long-term success, 
  • effective risk management that rests on a structured process for the identification and evaluation of actual or potential risks, and the implementation of comprehensive initiatives to take advantage of, avoid, or mitigate their impact,
  • continual improvement and innovation based on efficient business processes, well-defined measurements, best practices, and stakeholder feedback,
  • developing staff competencies, creativity, empowerment, and accountability through appropriate development programs and strong management involvement and commitment,
  • defining, monitoring, analyzing and evaluating all the critical aspects of our business, and establishing measurable quality objectives through the Management Review process that support our strategic direction and commitment to Quality.

In order to be consistent with the above, we have adopted a formal Quality Management System, which complies with the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard. Our Quality Management System addresses all Company activities that have a direct effect on the Quality of our deliverables and our Clients’ satisfaction. Through our Quality Management System, we review, update, and constantly improve upon the characteristics of the services that we offer to our Clients, and provide the necessary resources needed for the effective and efficient operation of every Company Function.

Top Management believes that through our Quality Management System a Company-wide continual improvement process can be achieved. Therefore, the Management of CROMA is committed to complying with the Quality Policy, while at the same time will channel stakeholder feedback, improvements, results, and goals to all Company staff.

Our Quality Policy is available and maintained as part of our Quality Management System’s documentation. It is communicated, understood, and applied within the Company, and made available to all relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

  Athina Moissidou              Venia Allamani
General Management Team